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MY CALL FOR AN ECOLOGICALAWAKENING ’’ ’’ As a student, IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! ’’ ’’ To implement strategies: to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with a +2°C, cap on global warming;to reduce their impact on biodiversity loss, in line with therecommendations of the International Platform on Biodiversityand Ecosystem Services (IPBES);to reduce their consumption of non-renewable resources, andto base their use of resources on concrete actions inspiredby sobriety and circular economy. see the details on 1 4 5 6 2 3 I CALL ON MY FUTURE EMPLOYERS TO BE AGENTS FOR ANAMBITIOUS ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION This transition does not only concern so-called "green" businesses: All sectors of theeconomy, all professions, must contribute to the transition and therefore transformthemselves in-depth. I expect of my future employers that they commit to the following: I am conscious that climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, and the exhaustion of ournatural resources will have a major impact on every aspect of our lives, and that the means currently implemented to face these challenges are insufficient. Through this call, I declare my refusal to let my professional work contribute to the acceleration ofenvironmental and social crises. On the contrary, I wish to have a professional life that isconsistent with the challenges of ecological emergency, by putting my work and energy at the serviceof projects that build a sustainable and socially just society. Identify, measure, and report as transparently as possible theirimpact on the climate, biodiversity, and natural resources.In particular, I expect them to publish a full accounting oftheir direct and indirect GHG emissions. These strategies cannot merely rely on technologicalinnovation, the future of which is uncertain. To train employees on the challenges of climate change,energy, and biodiversity, and enable them to take part in theorganisation's transformation towards these objectives.In particular, I wish for all senior management to receivein-depth training on these questions, customised to addressthe organisation's sector/activities. To put mechanisms in place aligning the organisation'sfinancial strategy with the protection of the environment.For example, I expect that the pay of senior management beindexed on environmental objectives. To generalise these commitments by involving all stakeholdersrelevant to the functioning of the organisation: publicauthorities, service providers, clients, etc.For example, I expect that environmental performance beincluded in the selection criteria for service providers. To reconsider the usefulness of the organisation as well as itsmessages in the current context of environmental and social urgency.In particular, I expect the organisation to adapt its economicmodel so as not to promote overconsumption. It is in our employers' best interest to take account of these demands, because only those companiesthat take the need for an ecological transition into account will prosper in the coming years. Icommit to acting as a professional and a citizen by being an agent of this transformation in my work,and to adapting my personal way of life to be in line with the protection of the environment.
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Today, I launch my call to employers for an #EcologicalAwakening. I call on all those who are conscious of the gap between the ecological emergency and the actions taken to face it in the business world to do the same, by visiting I also welcome discussion and debate in the comments on this post.