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Despite the environmental emergency, many students complete their studies without ever having been trained to deal with the ecological transition issues, which will be a key competence in the future.

Higher education must therefore evolve and deliver programs that measure up to the ecological challenge. Given the urgency of this transformation, students must mobilise and help their institutions to change.

This observation is the basis of our action : to foster a better integration of environmental issues into higher education training through a twofold approach:

  • By calling on the political world to ensure that ecological issues are integrated into all higher education programs.
  • By encouraging students to act within their own institutions, through the launch of a platform that brings together all our resources and tools to meet the challenge of integrating ecological issues into their university courses.
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Education for an ecological transition platform

The platform's goal is to mobilise and guide students to "wake their establishment up" by emphasizing the importance of integrating ecological transition issues into the training courses offered. It is aimed at all students and young graduates, whatever their background, because the need to be trained on ecological transition issues affects all higher education students.

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Advice for every stage

Throughout the 5 key steps outlined below, the platform offers students a clear roadmap, supported by feedback, advice and supporting documents, to effectively transform their academic training in their institution.

  • Mobilize : Creating a team and a work environment
  • Communicate : Interacting with all of the actors within your education institution
  • Understand : Taking stock of existing training and initiatives on campus
  • Implement : Suggesting the implemention of new courses
  • Ensure : Ensuring implementation and monitoring

Tools to wake up all employers

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