10 KEY POINTS from the latest IPCC reports

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WGI - The physical science basis

10 key points IPCC AR6 WG1

WGII - Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability

10 key points IPCC AR6 WG2

WGIII – Emission reduction

10 key points IPCC AR6 WG3

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10 key points IPCC AR6 WG 1, 2 & 3 - Infographics - Pour un Réveil Écologique

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Pour un Réveil Écologique
Infographics created by Lou Valide, with the participation of Sébastien Pezza, Loïc Bonifacio, Léa Falco and Sidonie Commarmond for the choice of key points, in co-construction with IPCC authors.

10 key points
of the latest
IPCC report